Motivated doers needed to organise Peoples Assemblies on the Climate Emergency in Kingston

NB. This is not a Talk Shop initiative.

It’s good news that Kingston Council has declared a Climate Emergency, and held a Citizens Assembly on air pollution. We’ll be urging them to hold a Citizens Assembly (CA) on the Climate Emergency too.

Wouldn’t it be great if before that assembly, many people from many different groups in Kingston, had worked out together some strong practical proposals for rapid de-carbonisation, through one or more well organised Peoples Assemblies? (see below for my understanding of the differences between a CA and a PA.)

I’m keen to put in effort with others to make something like this happen. And please tell me if I’m colliding with any similar initiatives – you might like to invite me in!

I’m a promoter of new forms of democracy and decision making with Talk Shop, an admirer of Transition Towns and a member of Kingston XR. You may have seen the Climate Walk I organised at XR’s event in Brockwell Park, and in Kingston’s Green Zone last year.

We’ll be holding a meeting some time in March to kick this off. The right people for this first meeting are doers (spark-plugs!), technical and delivery experts in de-carbonisation, and those with connections to one or more of the many networks in the area.

As well as agreeing what we want to aim at, we’ll set up a core group of 5-6 people to put the effort into making this happen. We’ll draw on the expertise and enthusiasm of the rest of you, for your advice and contacts.

Please tell me if you want to join the kickoff meeting, and please cascade this out to others you think might be right for it too. The aim should be to get people from as wide a range of different groups as possible.

Thanks for taking the time!
Bob Bollen
Whereas a Citizens Assembly is relatively costly, sponsored by an arm of government, and the people attending are chosen to reflect the community concerned; a Peoples Assembly is less formal and costly – although still effectively managed – and open to anybody who wants to attend.