The team


Bob Bollen


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Coming from the world of project management, I’ve come to realise that our political system is broken; and the best way to change it is to rebuild democracy from the grassroots up. TALKSHOP rings all my bells!

I’m a trained coach and mentor, and now volunteer as a community mediator. My contribution is mainly in helping to organise the way we do things so that we can grow. I’m also learning to facilitate.



Perry Walker


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I’ve spent much of the last 20 years developing tools that allow people to ‘do democracy’. I’m very proud of Crowd Wise, which is the method at the heart of TALKSHOP . I’m thrilled that it is being used to discuss such important issues.

A little about me. I am a Fellow of both the New Economics Foundation and of Involve. I live in Hereford.


Martin Yarnit


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A naive democrat, I see TALKSHOP helping to create an active and informed citizenry, and making politics a joyful and creative activity. And it’s cheap.


How we’re funded

The team works on a voluntary basis, and we ask our hosts and partners to cover expenses where possible. We sometimes charge a modest fee for running events. And some of our discussion kits have been funded by the likes of NESTA & The RSA.