“F-ing brilliant”
Jamie Kelsey-Fry, Climate activist (after reading our website)
“It was fantastic to see so many people from our town gather together. Difficult issues were discussed, and we looked for practical solutions. I am proud of how respectful our community was of one another and pleased to see what progress can be made when we come together as a team.”
Clare Gage on the Chesterfield climate emergency event facilitated by Talk Shop
“My political thinking evolved a lot during the event. Towards the end, I found myself making an impassioned speech, and I thought to myself, ‘where did that come from?'”
Bernie Kennedy, Liverpool WEA
“The facilitators, Martin and Bob, were excellent and ensured discussion stayed on track, despite some late arrivals. The response to the event has been enthusiastic and positive, with comments such as ‘a really enjoyable morning’ and ‘when can we do more of this?’” Jill Harrison, WEA after “How Should Britain Be Run?” in Scunthorpe
“I thought last night was really good – very interesting and made me think! Thanks for organising a change to the usual ward meetings.”
Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor of London after a Talk Shop Brexit event
“Citizens Assemblies (CAs) are all the rage right now. And with good reason. But CAs have limitations. One is the gap that can potentially open up between those participating in a CA and the wider public. This is where Talk Shop comes in by organizing meetings that establish and maintain connections between CAs and the wider public.”
Professor Stuart White, Associate Professor of Politics at Jesus College, Oxford
“The Talk Shop format worked extremely well and I would certainly recommend this event to others. Your suggestion of 35 students worked perfectly and provided everyone the opportunity to be heard.”
Tanis Paulin, Cambridgeshire Federation, WEA
“Much better than sitting still and listening to speakers for two hours.” and “Great way to hear other people’s views. And to hear alternative solutions.”
Worcester participants after Talk Shop’s Climate Change event