Will driverless cars be safe?

Can we get rid of car parks and reshape towns and cities?

Will I still need to own a car?

Driverless cars are coming down the road. But do we want them? If so, how safe do we want them to be? What do we want to happen to say car ownership and public transport? We believe that we should all be able to have our say on such questions.

Our discussion kit helps you explore six key aspects, including how human behaviour changes with these vehicles, how they may affect our health and our environment, and the effect on public transport.

This project finished at the end of 2018. We ran 50 events and reached over 600 people in collaboration with Thinking Box. You can see our video about the project here. We still have some kits left over if you would like to hold an event.

Holding an Event

If you are interested in running an event, using either the Talk Shop approach or that of Thinking Box, contact Perry Walker: perry@openupuk.org or 07858 750936.

This kit is designed for you to run a stimulating discussion in a small group of up to 6 people in a couple of hours. In return for providing this kit for free, we ask that you spend about 20 minutes after the event giving us feedback on how the event went, and telling us the key points you decided here.

You can also organise larger conversations by grouping people around tables, or in circles, of up to 6 – with each table having their own kit. We will help you put on events like this, and support you whilst you are organising and promoting it.

Here’s what the card set looks like (click on them to expand):
The whole set

selected sets

Thinking Box

We are excited to be working with Thinking Box on this project!

Thinking Box’s aim is to create opportunities for people to gather, connect and have great discussions in a safe space at minimal or zero cost. At Thinking Box events, you will watch some videos on the topic. Next you discuss key questions, initially in small groups of 2-3 people, then in plenary with everybody. The sessions are hosted by a facilitator (Thinking Box can provide one or you can host it yourself – training provided). For more info and the video on how a session works see www.thinkingbox.info.

If you’d like to explore the issue by yourself, you can do so at our companion site OPENUP.

For help in developing the materials, we thank:

  • Sunil Budhdeo , Transport Innovation Manager, Coventry City Council
  • Tom Cohen, UCL
  • Steve Gooding, RAC Foundation

We are very grateful to Nesta for a grant under their ‘Everyone Makes Innovation Policy’ programme.