What is UBI?

Where has it been tried?

What might I do with a UBI?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) means that the government gives each of its citizens an income, with no strings attached. The idea has moved from the margins to the mainstream as the pandemic has made the situation of many workers highly precarious.

Working with artist Toby Lloyd, Talk Shop has developed a game which facilitates discussion of UBI.

It uses a set of cards in the style of Top Trumps. Each card describes a participant in a UBI trial around the world. They have gained in terms of food security, health and independence and become more active in community and cultural life. Thus Sherry, from Canada, said, “Basic income gives me a feeling of being cared for, this feeling of gratitude, this feeling of release. Now I’m no longer on Ontario Works [the benefit system], instead of feeling a victim, I feel like somebody in charge of my destiny.”

People in the UK playing the game use such experiences to imagine how a basic income might change their lives.

Holding an Event

This is currently an online discussion kit.

We have run successful online trials. See this three minute video for what participants thought of it. We’d like to run more trials, ideally with groups of between 5 and 15 people. If you are interested, contact Perry: perryw@talkshopuk.org

You and your friends will gain much from joining in this discussion. They will learn more about the complexities of the situation and have opportunities to listen, to question and be questioned themselves. Research shows that by talking about issues, participants not only increase their understanding, but also reinforce their memory of the issues.

We’d like to thank Toby Lloyd for his help in creating this kit.