Climate Walk is a thought experiment as we walk, in groups of 4-6 people, along a timeline from now until 2100. At each stop we make choices or throw a dice. By the end we’ll better understand the impact of our choices.

Discussions are introduced on topics such as what behaviours you might change as an individual, climate tipping points, government initiatives that you might support, and geo-engineering.

You’ll need a number of trained facilitators. Training can be done in a 20-30 minute zoom call.

We have instructions and a script for two different ways of doing this. In a hall with many people, each group walking down their own line. Or people queuing to walk down one line as the next facilitator becomes ready.

The instructions are here. NB. If you open the document in Google Docs, don’t be alarmed about the strange formatting – it will look fine when you’ve downloaded to Word.