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Imagine a country that draws on the good sense of ordinary people like you and me when making decisions and passing new laws.

TALKSHOP is a new way of discussing and reaching agreement about the issues that really matter to us all - local, national, international. Tricky questions like what should we do about health and social care, or how we should improve British democracy. TALKSHOP is about making sure that everyone has a voice in the matters that concern them - so that democracy works for everyone.

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Find out how Talk Shop works - how you can contribute to the discussion - hear the points of view of others - and deepen your understanding of the issue - both at home and in larger events. Read more here

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Get a feel for our events in this 90 second video or watch the 5 minute report on our Driverless Cars series of events

How to arrange a larger event

If you can find a room, publicise the event and get the people there - we'll provide everything else. We can also provide a facilitator, or train you to do that too. Here's how

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