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Imagine a country that draws on the good sense of ordinary people like you and me when making decisions and passing new laws.

TALKSHOP develops new ways of discussing and reaching agreement about the issues that really matter to us all - local, national, international. Tricky questions like what should we do about health and social care, or how we should improve British democracy. TALKSHOP is about making sure that everyone has a voice in the matters that concern them - so that democracy works for everyone.

“It is fantastic value for £1000. I've learned a great deal from your work over the last year, for which I'm very grateful. Look forward to seeing what comes next.” Riley Thorold from RSA on the Talk Shop Win-Win project he commissioned

Win-Win Democracy

Find out about our new programme on Win-Win Democracy, where all parties win - gaining the essence of what they want - and no-one loses!


Our latest innovation was developed at the Hay Festival Digital 2020: a coggle map which is a record of the event that combines the spoken words of the speakers and the written chat from the audience.

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