Since Talk Shop’s very first event in Newcastle, on fracking, in 2014, we have concentrated on the big issues of the day, mainly national. Here we describe the second string to our bow that we added in 2020: supporting local democracy to tackle place-based issues. At the heart of this is our belief in win-win, that such solutions, which give all competing groups a ‘win’, can be found much more often than most people think.

In one sense, we are just starting the journey. In May 2020 we ran four online workshops on win-win. Two were for independent parish and town councillors, part of the Flatpack Democracy movement. One was for parish and town councillors in Herefordshire, part of an initiative called The Great Collaboration. The last was for worker coops, part of a Virtual Workers Coop Weekend.

Our first briefing on the subject is here, and the slides for the workshops are here.

In a second sense, this is the next stage of a long journey of research, of trial, of learning. One of the methods we use to seek win-win is called Crowd Wise, developed by Talk Shop’s Perry Walker when he was at the New Economics Foundation think-tank. Our briefing on Crowd Wise is here and some examples of its use are here .
Our desire is to find people and organisations that wish to join us in action research, testing different ways to search for win-win solutions. If you would like to find out more, ???