network of networks

Our sights are set high. We want to see Talk Shop used in communities all across the UK. We want to see it used for national issues – with ideas from any participant visible to all the others (a glimpse of the future!). And, we want to see it used for local issues too.

We’ve set ourselves a two-part approach of working through nationwide networks, and through one-off local centres.

Nationwide networks
We’re looking to find one or two more networks of this kind. So if you represent a network that’s looking for another angle to grow your, do get in touch! Working in this way helps us extend our reach, and is more cost-effective in preparation time.

We expect to grow by making contacts with a few key people in the network in different locations who want to work with us. They help us shape our offer and agree the topics. We work together to promote and hold the event. As the events in these few areas become established and regular, word of mouth and joint promotions help extend to other centres in the network. In this way we grow the community of Talk Shop events.

Our current network partner is WEA, where we’ve established working relationships with three centres, and have started to grow from there.

Get in touch if your network is looking for another angle to grow!

Local Centres
We’re keen to meet organisers of local communities that want to work with us in this way. Could this be you? If so, do get in touch! Working in this way helps us to deepen our practice, as often we live nearby.

We work closely with a few people in each centre. They’re already working hard to build their communities, and have extensive contacts in it. The relationship is mutually beneficial as Talk Shop offers them a new dimension, and we get access to a committed community. As Talk Shop becomes established and regular in each place, it has the opportunity to embed a kinder, more effective, way of decision making into the politics of the area.

Currently, we are working in this way in Liverpool, Hereford, Worcester and Exeter.

Get in touch – if your community might be interested!