So you heard of us at Extinction Rebellion. Thanks for checking us out!

Thanks especially if you handed back your feedback form. We’ll be publishing the outcomes of all the feedback here. Do check back later.

Talk Shop & Thinking Box have been working with XRs Citizens Assembly working group to help you enjoy new, and more inclusive, ways of doing democracy. We’re keen to help you do more of this when you’re back home.

You can have the same sorts of discussions in a group of 6-8 people, or in a bigger event with lots of small groups. Thinking Box starts off the discussion with one or two videos, whilst Talk Shop uses cards like you’ve seen.

We’ve recently started collaborating on the implications of Driverless Cars: Thinking Box videos, Talk Shop cards; and plan to do more together.

Talk Shop cards offer a¬†fuller discussion than you’ve experienced on:

Checkout those pages, and if you’d like to hold an event, do get in touch here, and we’ll do all we can to help you.

We’re also working on other topics like climate change/protection of the biosphere and Brexit. And you can checkout our blogs about deliberative democracy here.

Could this be the way towards a new kind of well-informed, inclusive and respectful democracy? We hope you’ll help us make our dream come true!