So you heard of us at Extinction Rebellion. Thanks for checking us out!


We helped create some discussion kits for you to use at the April events in London, and now we want to help you as you develop new forms of democracy.

Our aim is to enable you to have respectful and informed discussions on important topics, without doing your own research. You’ll need one or more people with some experience of facilitating group discussion.

There are many ways we can help you:

  • You can download the instructions for a Climate Walk here. It introduces discussions about personal and societal changes, and their likely impact as we walk along a line into the future. The whole walk takes between 20 – 40 minutes.
  • You can download one of our shorter form discussion kits for use in small groups of up to 6 people. They take about half an hour to use, and come with full instructions. See the table below.
  • You can also use our current printed kits on key topics. They are designed both for a small group of up to 6, and for larger events where people sit in groups taking 2-3 hours. The kits come with full instructions, and we can support you in organising a larger event. We will send you a kit in the post. Again see the table below.
  • We’re working fast to create discussion kits that address topics particularly relevant to XR such as understanding our predicament better, and examining the impact of proposed technologies. Please have a look at our ideas, and contribute your suggestions. And we’re looking for collaborators who can help us in researching and writing the kits. If you’re keen to help please tell
  • And we’re all experienced in designing imaginative events using a variety of games and discussion methods. If you’d like help with this, or would just like a chat, do get in touch with
Index of Current Topics

NB. When you’ve clicked “Download it” you’ll see the document in Google Docs. (Don’t be alarmed about the strange formatting – it will look fine when you’ve downloaded to Word.) Then click the three dots symbol at top right and select “Download”.

Title (with link to more info) Time needed to use in a group Link to download (if not available, talk to us) Last updated
Citizens Income 2-3 hrs Talk to us Nov 2018
Citizens Income (short version) 30-45 mins Download it Apr 2019
Driverless Cars 2-3 hrs Talk to us Jun 2018
Funding Social Care 2-3 hrs Talk to us May 2019
How Should Britain Be Run? 2-3 hrs Talk to us Jul 2019
How Should Britain Be Run? (short version) 30-45 mins Download it Apr 2019
Inter-Generational Justice 2-3 hrs Talk to us Jun 2018
New Local Politics 2-3 hrs Download it Aug 2018
Local Climate Solutions 2-3 hrs Download it Sep 2018

Also, check out our thoughts and ideas on better forms of democracy and decision making here!

Could this be the way towards a new kind of well-informed, inclusive and respectful democracy? 
                We hope you’ll join us in shaping that dream, and making it come true!