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Might the Talk Shop way of discussing big issues bring a new magnet for your group?

We can help you look at today’s important topics in and informed and respectful way.

We’ve held over 60 events, with over 2,000 people taking part, looking at such topics as Fracking, Inequality & Brexit.

You can get a feel for what we do in this 90 second video.

Right now we’re offering a kit dealing with the important – yet frequently forgotten – topic of Funding Social Care. And we have other relevant issues such as Inter-Generational Fairness and How Should Britain Be Run.

People sit in groups of 6-8 and as a whole group. And they discuss the issue using sets of postcard sized cards. The cards give facts, look at the issue from a variety of perspectives, and pose questions for discussion.

Because everybody gets a chance to speak, there’s a much greater opportunity for everybody to feel they’ve been heard, for people to share their learning experiences and discuss their values, and for great ideas to emerge.

We are doing this because we want people to engage more deeply with important issues, AND because we want to develop the hunger for a better way of doing politics.

Most of what we do is voluntary. And we aim to get funding to help develop and print the cards, so you can have them at no cost.

Would you be willing to discuss this more? If so please email me at bobb@talkshopuk.org.

And if there are other topics you’d like to discuss do let us know. Perhaps even a look at Brexit from various sides if we get a referendum?

I hope to speak with you soon.

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Bob Bollen