Social care is in crisis. Funding is a critical part of that crisis. We have collectively to agree what level of social care to fund, and how to raise the money. And the government – yet again – has postponed this important decision.

Talk Shop invites you to take part in the conversation. We offer a free kit that will help you get to grips with the current situation, stimulate you to discuss what’s fair, and mull over different ways this might be funded. We’ll then include your suggestions into our report to the Health and Social Care Committee, who are working on this issue. You might know that last year they commissioned a Citizens Assembly on the issue too.

You can hold the discussion around the table at home with a few friends. Or, if you’d like to put on an event for 20 or more, we’ll help you do it. See more here.

So, if you want your friends to understand the issue, widen their experience of new ways of doing politics, and get your voices heard get in touch with Bob at!