We’re excited to announce our new project to get 10,000 people talking about health and social care is under way. We’re starting with a more modest target, though, to get 100 people to try out our materials.

First up was a bunch of GP trainers in Warwick. Given their depth of experience of the health service, I was delighted that they found the materials stimulating. Second up was a meeting of Thinking Box in St Albans. Paul Thistlethwaite, who runs Thinking Box, had originally planned to run a trial session with some friends to get the hang of how our discussion kit works. We’ve worked hard to keep the instructions down to two sides of A4 (and a large 14 point font), so I was really pleased that he found them so clear that he cancelled the trial. On the day, 17 people turned up despite the snow, and all went very well.

Our two remaining set-piece events are in Hereford in early March and in Liverpool, with the WEA, in mid-April. As well, various people are using the kits at home with friends and family. We have a few kits left if anyone would like to try them out by the end of April – and send us the results.

We’re waiting to see if we’ve succeeded in a bid for a Catalyst award from the Royal Society of Arts. That would enable us to move on to our next stage, to reach 1,000 people. Do let us know if you’d like to be part of that.

Perry Walker